Online Writing Courses for Better Writing

Hi, my name is Frank Bonkowski, founder of Business School HQ, HQ standing for headquarters. We help you write better through our online writing courses.

Our mission is to make you look smarter, appear more confident, and be more successful by writing better, especially if English is not your first language.

If you are a company owner, manager, self-employed, business professional, or recent university graduate, you’ve come to the right place.

We focus on teaching business English through online writing courses.

Writing needs of business people

I’ve done lots of surveys with business people. They tell me they want to:

    • write clearly and concisely
    • structure their writing logically
    • know how to use the correct word or expression
    • use proper grammar, and
    • write with a more professional and polite tone

What we do

Offer online writing courses

Here are seven advantages of using e-learning courses with your clients, employees, or students.

Our e-learning courses are:

    • flexible – learn at your own convenience wherever you are: office, home or on the road.
    • available 24/7 – you can take courses at midnight if you wish, when everyone else is sleeping.
    • self-paced – you can pick and choose what lessons you want to follow, skipping the easy ones and focusing on the more difficult ones.
    • audiovisual – there are informational slides supported by audio and text as well as video.
    • designed smartly – courses are created and produced to meet your learning needs and keep you engaged.
    • activity-based – there are lots of information about language, examples, and writing activities.
    • interactive – you can share your work with me, my team and other learners for feedback. There also short quizzes to assess yourself.

Our first online course

Our first online course or business workout is titled “How to Write Crystal- Clear Emails.”

I call our online courses “workouts” because you get to do lots of language exercises.

I’m a lifestyle athlete who exercises just about every day. I swim, bike or do spinning routines, run or hike, and weight lift – but not all on the same day I hope. I love learning new techniques and exercises and putting them into practice. Luckily, my wife enjoys many of these activities too, which makes it fun working out together.

In our online courses or business workouts, you to get lots of information about writing style, vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar. You get to put into practice what you learn by doing the exercises.

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Thanks for listening.