This is the first course in the series Present Your Best Self.  

  • An upper level language course and a professional development program.
  • For high intermediate to advanced non-native English-speaking business professionals and college graduates
  • Guides you through the first step for presenting your best self: create a remarkable personal profile.

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Unit 1 Write your personal profile: your qualities

1.1 In this section, you will explore your own attitudes, personal preferences, and communication style. You will begin writing your personal profile. There are three activities.

1.2 Your Personal Qualities

1.3  Personal Profile Activity 1

1.4  Your Communication Style

1.5  Personal Profile Activity 2

1.6  Activity 3: Quiz

1.7  Wrap Up

Unit 2:  Write Your Personal Profile: Your skills, knowledge & experience

2.1  Introduction:
In this section, you continue building your personal profile. You’ll learn about:

a) some special skills and knowledge in sales in our case study, and

b) powerful language to sell yourself.

2.2  Special Skills and Knowledge

2.3  Personal Profile Activity 1

2.4  Activity 2: Quiz

2.5  Wrap Up

Unit 3:  Create a LinkedIn Profile

3.1 Introduction:

In this section, you write a LinkedIn profile using the course template.

3.2 Question Box: How to create a LinkedIn profile

3.3 Activity 1:  Write Your LinkedIn Profile

3.4 Activity 2: Quiz

3.5 Wrap Up

When you complete the course, I will send you a certificate stating that you have finished the course.

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