Teaching Business English Online

An Interview with Business English Online Teacher Christopher Rush

Christopher Rush is an American who’s been teaching Business English full time since 2012. He was a perpetual student and career bartender. Interestingly, he got his TEFL Certification on a surf trip to Costa Rica, stumbling into what would become the thing he now loves to do.

After freelancing for a few large online language companies, in 2015 he started teaching his own students and building his own brand. He focuses on helping upper intermediate adults in leadership roles reach a high level of fluency to facilitate work communication.

Find out

How Chris got started in teaching business English online

Who his ideal learners are

What he finds learners want to improve most

What learning activities his clients find most helpful

What books or online resources he uses to teach business English online

What he recommends for teachers of Business English who want to teach business English online

What he recommends for learners to improve their business English skills

What he suggests I do for my project to produce a new business English online writing program geared to intermediate to advanced non-native English speaking business professionals

Chris Rush

If you are looking to improve your communication skills with a dynamic business English online teacher, I highly recommend Chris.

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To find out more about Chris Rush and his accomplishments, click on his LinkedIn profile.

Here is more about Chris’s teaching approach:

I do not offer “traditional” English lessons, where we spend one hour (less than 1% of your week) on teacher directed exercises. Improvement in that model is slow or nonexistent. Instead, we make a plan for you to spend time using English every day on activities that are engaging, level-directed and directly related to your work and hobbies. Our online sessions are learner directed and targeted specifically to where you most need improvement. For more information and to get a free Personalized English Action Plan session, visit betterbusinessenglish.co.